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 Face & Body Cream

 These creams are made with all natural ingredients brining a healthy glow to the skin. 

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Handmade soaps & all natural personal care products 

Here at Green Blessings, you'll find beautiful handmade soaps, natural personal care products, and a fruit stand (coming soon!) 

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With a variety of scents to chose from, these refreshing spritzers can be used as perfume, to freshen a room, or a spray on the sheets for a relaxing night sleep.

Insect Repellents 

Keep bugs and insect at bay with this natural, delightful scented repellents. 


  • Loofah Soaps
  • Glycerin Soaps  
  • Creams & Balms
  • Insect Repellents 
  • Spritzers

In 1995 Linnie McNaughton began making just a few simple skin care products. Now there are over seventy-five. All of the Green Blessings products are made from the finest ingredients available. High quality pure essential oils are the rule. 

Natural Handmade Soap

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